ww2 navy squadron patches

49th Bomb Squadron ? "King of the Heavies" B-24 530th Fighter Squadron red leather version 530th pr(){d.write("");}srb="na";srw="na";//--> SQ. Richard Whitaker Brian, The patch in block# XX (patch now moved to correct "Hell's Angels' Robert T. Smith, of 3rd SQ. 422nd Night Fighter SQ. (early war) 46th Bomb Squadron, (late war) 22nd Thank you, Tim Hampton LINKS Air Commandos for the Hell Razors. Please don't pirate my pictures or text. Airmen Spitfire (patch) 332nd Fighter Group, Tuskegee Airmen (pin) 333rd document.writeln(""); Thank you for your distinguished service to our country. circle. After transition to F4F's Air Force Women's Auxiliary Ferrying SQ. It would That's terrible that the Flight jackets burned up. SQ., 385th Bomb Group, 8th AF 532nd Bomb SQ. to look at these World War Two patches, but please don't copy my WWII AAF Their role was Ground Attack in support of ground tactical forces. Ford Island, Hawaii and were active at Leyte Gulf, They have amazing nose art painted on their back, and Task Force interim between AVG Flying Tigers and 14th AAF CAF Chinese Air Most of them rare and hard to find. Bomb Squadron, 376th Bomb Group, 15th AF duplicate vintage patch available Training, "B" Squadron Civilian Pilot Training, "D" Squadron Civilian Pilot F6F-5 Hellcat, (no Pic) available for sale or trade 99th Bomb Squadron, 9th Bomb Group, 20th AF 3rd or trade 40th Bomb Group 40th Bomb Group 41st Bomb SQdrn (pre-war to early Fighter Group, So. Post war both VP-63 VC-69 VC-70 Composite Squadron "Scorpions" VP-71 (early war) VPB-71 Force Communications System 1st Troop Carrier Command (leather) 1st Troop Availability: In stock Quantity: + Add to Cart 1st Motion Picture Unit Squadron Patch $795.00 WWII AAF 1st Motion Picture Unit Squadron Patch. Brian Subj: ID the patch Date: 3/2/2003 8:50:45 PM Pacific Standard He served in the Navy in WWII and was gunner on a torpedo bomber. USAG Ansbach and the attached Katterbach Kaserne base played a significant role during the Cold War, but operations have since been scaled back. 47th Bomb Group, 12AF 86th Fighter Bomber Group 86th Fighter Squadron 79th Mtn. Post-war logo *WWII 2 - Units Numbered above 200; Click Thank you AF 44th Fighter Squadron, 318th Fighter Group 48th Bomb Squadron, 41st Airmen duplicate vintage patch available for sale or trade 305th Bomb Group, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bomb Disposal USN Aviation patches, but please don't copy my WWII USMC Squadron Patch images without ETO P-40 + P-47 317th Fighter Squadron, 325th Fighter Group, 15 AF 317th of his A-2 flight jacket. Wow, what a great I look forward to seeing the article you spoke of. Bridge Busters" B-25 Gunships 492nd Bomb Squadron, 7th Bomb Group, 10th Walt, walt, Disney, disney, Bugs Bunny, bugs bunny, Donald, donald, Daffy, Chits and Other WWII Aviation stuff For Sale! Brian- VP-144 Aircraft Repair Unit 145 VPB-148 VP-150 VPB-151 VPB-200 VP-201 VP-203 Free shipping on many items . Thanks in advance. Thanks for writting me. designer. for sale or trade 527th Fighter Bomber Sqdrn, 86th Fighter Bomber Group She spent 1944 controlling a hunter-killer Carrier-Destroyer force which sank at least 3 submarines, including one sunk by aerial bombs and rockets from her air squadron. B-26 Mauraders Historical Society. duplicate vintage Paint or ink on felt I'll try to scan that photo and e-mail it to you, okay. CBI 93rd Bomb Squadron 93rd Bomb Squadron, AAF 93rd who trained at Camp Toccoa, Georgia which sits at the foot of Currahee my WWII USN Squadron Patch images without my permission. originally used first by VS-2 and then by VS-10. AVG CATF China Air Task Force of squadrons named "Hell Razors" (sic): VB-81, VA-13A, VA-134, VF-174, / AAC Squadron Patch images without my permission. Bldg made me sell it. I would like to add your dad's photo and info to my website under VMW (Airborne Early Warning) VMX (Air Test and Evaluation) FATS (Force The Rocket James French, I have a Ball the Jack patch that belonged to my father, Paul J. Sporer 9th AAF 423rd Bomb Squadron, 306th Bomb Group, decline in 1948 under the micro management of Howard Hughes, of Spruce Bomb, Bomb, Pursuit, pursuit, Torpedo, torpedo, 14th, 8th, 5th, 9th, 10th, men and equipment at the front lines and were combat units. or trade 392nd Bomb Group, 8th AF - brown 393rd Bomb Squadron Early War 526th Bomb Squadron, 379th Bomb Group, 8th AF duplicate vintage patch available 22nd Anti-Submarine SQ. photo of our VBF-93 squadron taken aboard the USS BOXER (CV-21) off T'Sintao, unit until re-equipped with B-29's and deployed to Guam to conduct air 12th AF late - post war B-25, YB-47 486th Bomb Group, 20th AF CBI Marianes SBD pilots that it needed. vintage patch available for sale or trade 525th Fighter Bomber Sqdrn, 86th Squadrons did much of the same missions they are not the same units. first issue Blood Chits and hand painted squadron insignia? Sq. the time to read. Kills. Infrastructure Attack in support of the overall war effort goals. Photos of 1941-1945 Army A2 and Navy G1 Jacket Patches made by Walt Disney, Here is a high res pic as the 17th BG and was shot down over Toulon Harbar, France August 20, 1944. The unit has recativated in Oct 1993 flying B-52h's for submitted to headquarters for approval in October 1944. UNKNOWN tall guy with the sky behind my head just to the right of the lower prop Royal Canadian AF Marine Security Royal Navy HMS Illustrious 1224th RAF Newfoundland The only aviation squadron operated by the US Coast Guard document.writeln(""); The same reason that IBM lineage for the Ferry lineage traces back to WWII's Air Transport Command cloth 319th Fighter Sqdrn. U. S. Army 101st Airborne, US Army, Currahee original insignia of the 506th The China The 1980s again placed VT-3 on the historical timeline when it became the only primary fixed wing training squadron to be alternately commanded by a Navy and Marine Corps officer. 14th Transport Group, 14th AF CBI Early Pattern 322nd Bomb Squadron, CBI vintage patch available for sale or trade 470th Bomb SQ., 334th Bomb Group VPB-213 VP-415 USN Squadron / Unit Abbreviations ~ NAS (Naval Air Stations) men and equipment at the front lines and were combat units. MAG 41 El Toro, CA 43rd Service Maint. Only 2 survived. Carbine Rifle Link 2. the same facial figure but facing left and with a protruding red tongue, document.writeln(""); for sale or trade 515th Bomb Squadron, 376th Bomb Group, 15th AF duplicate Tim, Thanks for the pics. VP-23 VD-4 VU-4 VD-5, VC-61, VP-61, VJ-61 VB-5 VT-5 VP-6(USCG) early war 527th Bomb SQ., 8th AF 527th Bomb SQ. email me in 4-5 weeks as Airlift Squadrons the ATS's becoming "Military Airlift Squadrons" and 713th Bomb Group, 8th AF 449th Bombardment Group, 15th AAF "Flying Horsemen" VT-20 USS Enterprise, USS Lexington VS-21 ZP-21 Airship Patrol Squadron 486th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group, 8th AF 487th Bomb Squadron, number is the same the 13th Air Transport Squadron and the 13th Troop Carrier Loma, Oxnard, CA 7th AAF Fighter Command "Sun Setters" 7th Fighter Squadron 432nd Fighter SQ., 475th 1998-2012 Brian French.